In an excellent wine growing area, our passion has passed from generation to generation maintaining our values and spirit. Our vineyards have found an ideal habitat and a privileged location. Grape varieties Tempranillo, Mazuelo and Garnacha are grown alongside by side. Sixty years old vines are blended in young vines combining that personality and experience essence. One of the reasons why our wines are celebrated is down to the painstakingly care and skilful nature interpretation we apply in our vineyards. As a tribute to the heiress of our grapes, they are still hand-harvested. The climate, land and our heritage environment deliver a highly memorable personality.


Old and young vines complement each other creating an original blend with an exclusive and balanced meaning. Vitality and energy are combined with intense and complex structure providing the perfect equilibrium. This is our heart setting in where old traditional grape varieties express themselves in fine and authentic wines.


We use three varieties:

·TEMPRANILLO. Great strength and elegance, with a vary of aromas and flavour notes create Tempranillo.

MAZUELO. Intense and pure red colour with purple hints and a fresh, spicy aroma define Mazuelo.

GARNACHA. This is spicy, raspberry and strawberry flavoured and soft. Garnacha, "Grenache", is responsible for some of the most delicious wines in the world due to its personality. In La Rioja red soils at a higher altitude, our Garnacha variety is grown. The beloved wife for our Tempranillo and Mazuelo


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The variety of methods for training vines are many and varied. In Cialu, only two methods are commonly used. A regular shape and leaned in the same row direction with a minimum 50 cm distance is one of them "Palmetas". The second one, "Vaso", is the classical one, suitable for low yields and low moisture. This system is known as "candle" orientation and is based on short leave thumbs arms located next to a small height trunk. In these arms, grapes are grown. Apart from winter pruning, there is also spring complementary pruning. During the spring, winter buds are removed. These buds disrupt the vine appearance.

Our vineyards can only be hand-harvested that is why our pruning method is based on experience. A special and stylish piece of art.


The family is responsible for the harvest. All the vineyards, with a rare and small exception, are hand-harvested. Textures and colours are controlled to achieve the best quality. The average harvest quantity per hectare is maximum 6,500 kg.


After the summer ends and autumn starts, grapes absorb the magic's lands soul. At that time, sunlight warms and a magical air penetrate into the grapes. Waiting for the winter time, the fresh, herb aromas and pure atmosphere arrives on grapes heart. Finally, during the night, under darkness and northern lights, the vineyards are inspired and drawn by the stars while the moon dominates the scenery.

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